How I landed a Software Engineer job at BrowserStack

Well, there were a series of events that happened, that I am writing about. If you are looking how was my interview experience..that will take another blog post which is coming soon 😄

In this post, the way I landed at BrowserStack has been kind of paranormal (at-least for me). My whole world was changed in just 5 days ❤️. So let’s get started.

June 4, 2018:

At Lonavala Station with my friends

I was on my short trip to Lonavala with my friends. Yes, the one in red t-shirt is me 😆. We had a 2 day plan till night of June 5, 2018 and I was to return home on June 6, 2018 in the morning BUT destiny had other plans for me. I didn’t know that my life was going to get more awesome with just a text on LinkedIN.

So, as planned we spent the night of June 4 at Lonavala. We were returning to Mumbai on June 5 afternoon. And we had a plan to dine at BBQ in Kalyan. But as they say, we conclude from the bro-code bible of Barney Stinson, plans that include girls are never fully executed.

So, others had to cancel the dinner at last moment for several reasons. So me and my friend ( the guy with strips on the t-shirt) returned from Kalyan after having dinner at our common friend’s house. The dinner was delicious.

I was browsing through notifications on my mobile, just when I received a ping from a Engineering Recruiter at BrowserStack. He asked for my number. And called up for interview whenever I was available. Now let me tell you that I tried to grab an internship opportunity at BS but couldn’t, due to some reasons. I really loved the product that is built here. I love it so much, that if this product was a girl, I would have married her without asking anything. 😂

Gist of what I work on:
What we build at BS is not some petty web application or app development so to speak. It’s real, hard-core system software development, with less information on Google. So you can’t really google and copy code from stackoverflow. Now this is what I call a real challenge and a purpose in life to live for …

Coming back to our story, I immediately replied to the linkedIN message and was in the company the next day for face-to-face interview.

First action from universe: If I had been in BBQ for dinner, I would have missed the text on LinkedIN from the recruiter. So whatever happened, that the dinner was cancelled, it was a blessing in disguise for me.

June 5, 2018:

I had a 8 hour long interview session, the interview process is unique and one of it’s kind. I had never seen such kind of process, more on that in other post.
Included server side development, Algorithms, Data Structures, System design, etc. I was pretty convinced that I aced the interview. Solved both the assignments, coding questions in given time. I went home feeling happy that I could at-least interview in the company, whose product I fell in love with.

June 6, 2018:

I had no response about the result of the interview. Still I was confident about my performance during the interview 😄

June 7, 2018:

I was busy doing something ( I don’t quite remember). Then my phone rang. True caller showed me the HR manager’s name. I was astounded and picked the call. Then I heard the golden words any HR person would say 😂…
Congratulations Rajendra, you made it to positive side. You will be…. I was not in my senses and don’t remember what he said 😂 😂.
I just said “Thank you” and hung up the call.
I shared this news to my Mom, she was very happy to see her son get what he wanted and prayed to god. ( I am an atheist and believe in universal laws and law of attraction, something that could be reasoned). But I prayed that day for her ❤️.

June 8, 2018:

I was contacted by Director of Engineering to discuss my compensation as I had multiple offers from different companies and HR team knew that and Man, they offered me the highest of all 😍. But I had already made up my mind to join BrowserStack irrespective of the offer. Later that day, I was rolled out the offer letter with details. I immediately signed the offer letter digitally and accepted the offer.

Action from universe: Whatever you keep thinking about, from the bottom of your heart, be it a job, relationship, business, peace…you are bound to achieve it, it’s universe who brings it to your experience. Also, this happens if that is good for you, helpful for your growth. Sometimes, we don’t get what we want, but later you will realise that it was for your good.

I am truly grateful to universe for cancelling my BBQ plans 😂 and launch me up just in 5 days. I would truly suggest everyone to read The Power of Your Subconscious mind.

So this was how I landed at BrowserStack. I joined on June 11, way before anyone from my college joined in their respective companies.

If you feel you can be a part of this company, feel free to ping me on LinkedIN and I would connect you to the concerned folks in the company.

Thanks for reading.. suggestions, critics are welcomed in the comments. 😄
Peace ☮️

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